07 February 2010

Williams----->Kirilenko----->Okur----->Super Bowl

It is time for some apologies, two from me and one from you. Don't worry, I won't make you apologize to Carlos Boozer. You can keep on refusing to forgive him. I advise you to take note that last night he not only showed (again) that he is the best player on the team but also displayed the most genuine concern for a teammate I have ever seen after Laundry Kirkilenko got knocked down by Malik Allen in the 4th quarter.

The first apology goes to Deron Williams. Mostly for trying to get the "Deron Williams is Eric Maynor's Ricky Green" movement going. And for calling him trade bait. And probably for Twitting about he and Koufos's baldspots having a total cranium domination race once.

Listen, Dude. You have to understand. I was really starting to dislike your game. In 2007, I thought there was no way the Jazz should have picked Chris Paul over you. Since then, though, you have been trying to be just like Chris Paul, only you will never be. You were left looking like a poor man's Chris Paul, which was pretty crappy. Then you do this thing against the Lakers in the playoffs where you are terrified to face Derek Fisher until the Jazz are getting blown out. Derek Fisher is nobody's All-Star. Even if he was as good defensively as you think he is, don't you remember how he couldn't hit any shots when he was a Jazzman?

Anyway, it seems like you have finally stopped all that. Or at least the Chris Paul thing. The Derek Fisher thing must still go to trial. Anyway, you are finally playing like a point guard. You have finally learned how to make your teammates better. The way you toyed with the Blazers was incredible. Please don't stop.

Next up is Kirilenko. It is being said you are playing the best you have since the year you made the All-Star team. Incorrect. You are better now, and it isn't even close. You're finally playing smart and physical. My favorite improvement is how you no longer look like you're playing Whack-a-mole when you drive to the hoop. You keep your head up and are determined to crap on any defender who might contest you. It seems that if you don't slam it, you at least get fouled. Atta boy.

Mr. Money O, I don't owe you an apology. A lot of other people do, probably. They were so bent on your lower scoring average. Maybe you were playing hurt. Maybe you weren't scoring as much because your teammates were using up shots you would usually get.

Furthermore, Jazz fans have gotten the need for a shot blocker so twisted. If you watch college basketball, you will see a lot of good shot blockers. Have the Jazz drafted even one of them in the last five years? No. Last year, there was one right under their noses, the University of Utah's Luke Nevill. They instead went with Goran Sutan--not a shot-blocker--in the second round. It looks that the Jazz organization, like Jazz fans, have really high standards for a shot-blocking center. So, they probably won't ever get one. So, deal with it. If the Jazz keep playing good on-the-ball defense, they won't need a shot-blocker anyway.

In 90 minutes, we might see the most exciting end-to-end Super Bowl in history. Both teams are awesome, to boot. Part of me wants the Colts because I want Peyton Manning to be recognized as the best QB ever (this coming from a 49ers fan). If the Colts lose, Manning will probably get ripped up for the next few weeks.

The Saints winning would be great too. Drew Brees is the coolest QB in the NFL. He deserves to get a Super Bowl win under his belt, since every one seems to (wrongly) think players are defined by their titles.

Additionally, both teams have awesome uniforms. I might be more sad for the loser than happy for the winner tonight. If the Colts didn't have a few injuries, I think this would be their game for sure. Since they have the best QB ever, they will still find a way to win. Prediction: Colts, 38-30.

Here is another song that mentions a Jazz player, "The Future" by Guilty Simpson, as recommended by Moni.

I got a cousin that plays for the Utah Jazz
But I don't have to run the two to shoot y'all azz
Peace to Ronnie Brewer
On the mic I'm the manure

(According to Wikipedia, the claims of cousinship are true. How did I not know about this? This is the kind of stuff I'm always hip to.)


  1. There is no doubt that Manning will get ripped apart for the super bowl now. Instead, though, the focus should be on the Saints' heads-up defense. They pressured Manning, and made some incredible athletic plays.

    I think Okur's game is exactly what it ought to be right now. He's fitting his role on the team much better than when he was one of the first offensive options. And speaking of shot blocking, #13 is getting his hands up and not backing down from someone who's driving the lane. Give me this Okur over last season's (or earlier this season's for that matter) any day.

    I thought the effectiveness of last night's combo of Boozer/Millsap on the floor at the same time was a beautiful thing to watch. Maybe if certain fans paid attention they would have seen the two of them work with each other, assisting each other, and crashing the boards together, and see that their play can be complementary. Boozer's so much better, but there doesn't have to be a one-or-the-other mindset (for now anyway).

  2. You're correct about everything.

    Manning gets no slack from people for some reason. I don't get it at all.