03 February 2010

More Songs that Mention Jazz Players

This is an excellent topic that Lee has brought up. Songs that mention Jazz players. He posted two right here and I found a couple more. If there's any more out there send them our way!

Jay-Z - Bring it On

(watch out for strong language. no really the language is very strong)

"You suck pistol like pipe with the cristal
John Stockton couldn't assist you"

Then we've got a whole song about Pistol Pete by an outfit called the Ziggens, who have been rockin' the OC since 1990. I guess the Ziggens were a big influence on Sublime and other bands of that ilk. This video isn't the greatest but the 30 second preview on itunes made it sound like it might not be terrible.

I also found a song by a novelty "white guy" rapper (who seems to be the poor man's Jamie Kennedy?) that mentions Jerry Sloan. But I'm not going to post it here or even mention the artist's name because it was really awful.


A kind reader points us to "7 Sixes" by the Heiroglyphics.

"Lanky Like Kirilenko"

(again, potentially offensive language)