20 October 2009

I hope you are gonna love this season, Baby

With the baseball playoffs happening, I have no use for preseason basketball and haven't watched one second of any Jazz game so far. Only bad teams can glean anything from the meaningless games of October--and usually they don't. After last year, the only thing I care for is that Williams and Boozer make it through without getting hurt. Or do I care about Williams....

This rookie player Eric Maynor might be something special. Deron Williams might be his Ricky Green.

Williams and Green: Big-10 stars; Williams played at Illinois, Green was born in Illinois; Green helped the Jazz make it to their first playoff appearances, Williams helped usher in the era where the Jazz made it back to the playoffs. Green was a borderline All-star -- even went to one -- Williams is a borderline All-star. There is nothing wrong with Williams and there wasn't much wrong with Green. But with Green, a little-known player from a little-known college came along, unseated him, and ended up being great. Eric Maynor is also a "little-known player from a little-known college came along."

Okay, so I don't really believe that this will happen. Mostly, I just like saying, writing, text messaging the phrase "Deron Williams is Eric Maynor's Ricky Green." But, I will say, I don't completely believe it won't happen. Deron Williams isn't beyond being Ricky Green. He is more Ricky Green that he is Stockton.

I really like that Williams seems to have finally embraced being the leader of this team. Story goes that a few weeks ago when the Jazz were at a food bank (or something), his teammates were just chillin' until Mr. Williams came in and told them where to go help out. Lack of leadership is probably the biggest factor that has prevented the Jazz from playing good defense and winning road games.

If this leadership is real, and Williams is also less predictable with the ball, Eric Maynor might end up being Deron Williams' Eric Murdock.


CJ Miles' injury is a huge loss for the Jazz. With the Jazz making not moves this past off-season, Miles became--once again-- their only hope for critical and consistent scoring from a swing position. He is the only player capable of being both deadly from the perimeter and a force off the dribble

The relationship with Miles is a bit complicated isn't it? After 2007-08, you were positive that he needed more time. By January of last season, it was obvious that something important wasn't right with him.

Despite the disappointing 2008-09 season, Miles, according to the CIs, had a great off-season. (allegedly) He has finally figured out the NBA--the mentality, the work, the type of work, and all that Jazz. (There is no need for this blog to ever write 'etc.' or 'et cetera' when we have such an appropriate phrase fits so perfectly with what Sloan'd is all about in 'all that Jazz'.)

Cross your fingers that he gets back soon, and his new-found sense of self comes with him.


Did you see LeBron James on the season finale of Entourage a few weeks back?
Watch (caution: swears):

What a hardcore dork. Seriously. Why did geek chic become such a thing with younger NBA players?


We really need to discuss Boozer The Man sometime soon.

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