27 February 2010

Sundiata Gaines changed my life

Sundiata Gaines has made the signing of a 13th players a suddenly exciting thing. See, there the Utah Jazz were going toe-to-toe with the Cleve Cavs, getting punched and returning in kind. Then Deron Williams went down in the second quarter...uh, I'll just let the Turks take it from here (translated from Turkish to English, thanks to Microsoft Windows):

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it was a chance to smile said:

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I watched the video again and realized two things:
1) That Mo Williams looked back (like Lot's wife) at the celebration, and smiled. Either he appreciated the moment or he longed for the days when he wasn't playing in Cleve or Milwaukee.
2) How controversial this shot was. I suggest you read the comments. If salty language offends, I advise that you click "Options" next to "Text Comments" and click the 'Hide objectionable words' box.

Anyway, I've been following the names being thrown around to replace Ronnie Brewer's spot on the Utah Jazz roster. One name that was mentioned was Brian Cardinal. He was only brought as a player that is available, not necessarily someone the Jazz would pursue. I did some research on him, since I haven't heard much of him since he was in Memphis. I learned that before getting bought out by the Knicks (I think), Brian Cardinal was making $6.7MIL this year.

Cardinal is not a worthless player by any means. He hustles and can shoot from the outside. A poor man's Matt Harpring perhaps. But, $6.7 million? It's ridiculous.

Hustle players like Cardinal are critical components of good NBA teams, but a team cannot over-pay for a hustle player. You cannot over-pay for any role player. They are crucial, but also expendable.

Look at what Kevin O'Connor did to Ronnie Brewer. BruBru will be a free agent after this season. He makes $2.7MIL this year. Not bad, maybe even a steal. But, he'll expect bigger paychecks. In a typical free agent year, Brewer shouldn't get more than $4.5MIL per year. A player who has been a starter for three years on a good team might take offense to an offer like that. If so, the Jazz could get a nice burn in by saying, "It's about time you get offensive."

This isn't a normal free agent year, though. The Jazz have choices to make, the biggest being how to clear salary so they can re-sign Carlos Boozer. Utah can't even offer $4.5MIL per to Brewer. As awesome has he has played since the year turned, he offers nothing that isn't replaceable. So, the Jazz made a great trade that will bring a future 1st-round pick--or money since people have gotten wise to KOC's plan of waiting for another team's draft pick to turn into a lottery position (a GM can pull a ruse like this when he knows he has job security and will be around to reap the benefit). Essentially, the Jazz got something for nothing.

Unless Boozer hates playing here so much that he wants to take a pay cut, he should be back next season. Considering his recent statements about hoping the Jazz are “aggressive” in bringing him back, Boozer seems to want to be a Jazz for a few years longer or he wants to get the largest amount of money possible. Either way, it appears re-signing Boozer is up to the Jazz

More money probably needs to be freed up, though. First, Kyle Korver might not be back, especially if the Jazz use the Knick's pick to get a swingman. But, they'll need to replace him in some way. Also, Wesley Matthews needs to be re-signed. Decisions need to be made about Kryrylo Fesenko and Gaines, who will both free agents. Korver would also need to be replaced in some (relatively cheap) way.

Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur seem like the the most likely to be traded. Probably not Okur, unless the Jazz draft a center and feel comfortable with Fesenko and Kosta Koufos being the veteran big men. Then again, Boozer could also spend more time at center.

I think it should be Kirilenko. He has played so well, and his contract will be expiring after next season. Unlike last offseason, he is tradeable. AK knows he will be taking a pay-cut after next season, but how will he feel when he is offered maybe as low as a third of what he is getting paid now? Likely it will be closer to half of his current pay rate, but there is a chance he goes from a max player to a borderline mid-level exception player. It is really hard for a contributing player to take a large pay-cut from their current team. It is even harder for their agent to be convinced.

Even though he is playing his best basketball ever, the Jazz should probably pull the trigger on a trade involving AK, if they can find a buyer (I know, big “if”). Otherwise, they risk getting nothing for him.

Some people think Millsap is the tradebait. I thought so too earlier in the season. But, Millsap can do almost everything AK can, and only makes $6.2MIL, $6.7MIL and $7.2MIL in the next three years. Barring injury, massive weight gain or a sulking about not starting de-motivating him, Killsap (new nickname update below) is a bargain. Well, he will be a bargain. Right now he is kind of a rip-off.

Then again, if the Jazz break out of this funk they seem to be in, finish the season strong and make a nice playoff run, Greg Miller and Randy Rigby might be willing to shell out some luxury tax to see if this team can win a championship in 2010-11.


This blog died for a few weeks because B had a cold, then passed it my way. It should finish the season strong, though.

Holdinator made an interesting observation during the All-Star Game.

"The one thought I had during the game was that the East players seem to like each other, whereas the West players all kind of hate each other. Maybe that's because the West is really competitive and everyone in the East wants LeBron to win the title."

I didn't catch it myself, but it gives me a reason to watch next year's All-Star game. It's probably true.


Nickname update:

Paul Millsap = Killsap. This comes from Sloan'd promoter/mascot Mike S, who is known my some as Pail Millsap. Anyway, Pail sometimes plays video games with CJ Miles, Ronnie Brewer (R.I.P.) and Paul Millsap. Pail reports that BruBru (R.I.P.) and Miles are talkative, but Millsap rarely says anything. I concluded that he is focused on destroying enemies. Hence, Killsap.

Deron Williams = Defense Williams. This came after Deron's near shut-down of Brandon Roy at the end of last Sunday's epic comeback against the Portland Trailblazers.

Kryrylo Fesenko = Big Impact. My brother told me his friend bestowed this moniker on Fesenko in the preseason. It rings so true.


  1. This summer will be a lot more interesting for the Jazz than last summer, and I'm not sure I think that's a good thing. It's so fascinating to me that the best thing the Jazz did this past summer was sign Wes Matthews. They don't have either of their draft picks, but they have this rookie free agent starting for them, and doing a decent job.

    I'm looking for some consistency from Deron. Last night's game against the Clippers was awful. It was almost an identical performance to the Kings game, and that makes me nervous.

  2. I just responded to your comment, but it was 386 words. I think I'll just make it a new post.