18 May 2010

There is only one good outcome from tonight's lottery

The 2010 NBA Draft is short on greatness but seems loaded with role players. If they Jazz don't get the #1 pick, they might as well pick 20th, or even 30th.

Evan Turner is a really nice player, but probably not nice enough to be a team's star player. I really like that he spent three years playing college hoops, but he only seemed a little better than everyone else, not head-and-shoulders above them. He would be an excellent fit on the Jazz, but if they get the number two pick, Utah could likely get much more in a trade than they would out of Turner.

Even John Wall is suspect. If he can't handle not getting enough cuddle time with John Calipari, then he will have trouble with the put-out of Jerry Sloan.

If the Jazz draw anything above #9, they should trade it.

I predict the Philadelphia 76ers will win the #1 spot.


  1. Say more -- what would you like to see happen for the Jazz in this draft? Best case versus most likely case. ESPN is predicting we get Monroe -- sounds like a good big man, but I don't like it when prospects lose favor due to questions about their athleticism and aggressiveness. Is it just me, or is this draft slim pickings?

  2. I like the analysis. I'm eager to see what shakes out tonight -- I think you're right, if the Jazz get lower than 9, not only should they trade, I think they will.

  3. The draft is so much more enjoyable when your team doesn't have a high pick.