27 May 2010

Hey, D-Will, drop the B.A.

My friend Jordan just e-mailed me about a run-in he had this afternoon with the Deron Williams:

"So I just ran into Deron Williams at Foothill Village while I was at lunch. I was approaching my car as he was getting into his (we had parked right next to each other). As I got to my car, I absent-mindedly waved to him, as if he would recognize me. He made eye contact, but no return gesture—not even a courtesy wave back.

I understand DWILL isn’t the friendliest guy, but I still felt like such a loser."

He asked that DWILL be left in all caps. Done.

To answer your first question: Yes, it was an Escalade.

But, surprisingly, it isn't black or off-white. In Jordan's own words:

"It’s a weird maroon color with black 22s and lo-pros. Plus those weird bluish halogen headlights."

Jordan continues: "When I pulled up next to it, I thought to myself, 'that is a hideous car.' Then when I saw that a young guy was driving it, I muttered under my breath, 'what a jerk.' It was after all of this that I recognized it was DWILL and made my friendly gesture."

Seriously, DWILL, you'd be a whole lot prettier if you'd smile once in a while. Rockabye.