09 January 2010

Don't hurry back, Deron Williams

As shown in his never-ending quest to be an All-Star this year, Deron Williams loves to play in his hometown of Dallas. He does not seem to love to win there, though.

Dallas has perhaps been the most impossible place for the Jazz to win since Deron Williams became the starting PG for the Utah Jazz. They've lost their last five, and the losses always seem to come at crucial points in the season.

Williams loves to do well in Dallas, and he has led the Jazz in scoring the last few times Utah has played there. Could this be more evidence that Williams has a long way to go in learn that him playing what he considers awesome and the Jazz winning aren't necessarily exclusive. Or maybe a motivated Deron is a Deron that tries to hard to win the game himself, and forgets that he isn't good enough to beat good teams when he does that?

Anyway, he has, as predicted, become healthy enough to play in tonight's game.
Big whoop.


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