15 March 2009

Utah@Orlando Live Game Blog

Lee is right. Millsap and AK owe us a big game. Let's hope Korver can keep up his hot streak. Let's hope that riding segways through Epcot Center (assuming that the team did that) cleared their minds of yesterday's brutal defeat.

Boozer introduces the starting lineup: "D-Will. Watch out he's got all these moves. Be careful."

Nice job giving away our secrets before the game, Carlos.

First play of the game, Deron demonstrates the devastating "stand around" defense.

And now the whole team follows suit allowing rookie Courtney Lee to slam it down.

Jazz not looking energetic. I'll try to not be so negative. The Jazz are looking loose and relaxed.

Jerry tossed less than two-and-half minutes into the game. He's right to be irritated, these refs are not playing well together so far. I'm not saying that because I disagree with the calls, but we've already had a call reversed and foul credit re-assigned. Get it together, guys.

I bet when Vlade Divac, Hedo Turkoglu, and Peja Stojakavic played together the air on the Kings' charter plane was filled with really nasty burps.

First time out. Jazz not looking good.


Collins is in. That's good news.

Millsap looking sluggish. Ronnie Brewer is exhibiting some heads-up play.

I typed that before he missed a free throw and then immediately sent Orlando to the line.

I was Phil Johnson, this is what I would coach the Jazz to do: MAKE SHOTS!

Commercials. Styx is playing Wendover, but I don't think it's the real Styx.

Kyle Korver's mouthguard has entered the game, with Korver following right behind.

Boler and Booner have a disagreement over whether Deron's slamdunk was a Frustration Slam or an Opportunity Slam.

Collins has a couple of nice fumbles in a three second period. Brevin Knight should never take a shot, ever. Now Collins stands in admiration of Dwight Howard's shoulders while Howard rises for an easy slam.

Korver drops three. Apparently his mouthguard is bothering him.

End of first guarter. Dwight Howard has a double-double. I'm going on break.


I love the Ronnie Brewer chocolate milk commercial. So awkward.

That's all I got. I haven't the energy to continue this.


  1. You gave it a good attempt. I'm glad I didn't have to watch that game.

    You did a great job, though. You put more effort into the first quarter than the Jazz did.

  2. I'll say it again, bless you heart.