15 March 2009

That game was twice in the bag

Used to be that I would expect a huge win after a loss like yesterday, maybe even a blowout win. With these Jazz, though, I expect a four-game losing streak.

Millsap and Kirilenko owe us a big game or two after what they did at the end of regulation yesterday afternoon. As bad as AK picking up that charging foul (which was questionable) instead of backing the ball out, Millsap trying to dunk over whoever that was was even worse. The lead was only four, and since when does he dunk over people? He isn't even good at finishing a lay-up over another player. Also, did you notice how mopey he looked the exact minute he entered the game. I have never seen a player look so affected by the party they went to or the beverages they downed the night before. Or he was sad that his woman broke up with him. Either way, he did not come to play yesterday, which isn't common for him.

AK wasn't much better. He got called for traveling within a few minutes of checking in, and it affected him until he fouled out (which was like a blessing to Jazz fans). He whined about every call that went against him and seemed disconnected from the game. Maybe he was bummed that he was the fourth player off the bench, and didn't enter the game until the beginning of the second quarter. If he made as many plays as Korver has been lately, maybe he'd play more.

Anyway, AK and Millsap owe us.

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