25 February 2009

Live blog: @ Minnesota (2/25/09)

- Jason Collins cut his hair. Now you can't tell the difference between he and Jarron. Except that Jason sometimes plays.
- Why do I hate Mike Miller so much? His game seems kind of cool. Is it the hair?
- It's nice to have Kyle Korver join in.
- Does Deron Williams sometimes disappear on the road?
- Minnesota might be one respectable point guard away from being kind of good.
- Which made you more sick, the way the Jazz started the first half or how the way they finished it?
- Nothing like a back-and-forth game in the 3rd quarter with the Timberwolves to remind me why the Jazz are only the 8th seed in the West.
- Not only is Kevin Love related to a Beach Boy, but a Beastie Boy made a documentary where Kevin Love was one of the main subjects.
- Better post All-star break tan: Okur or Korver? (or is it just my TV?)
- D-will has a bald spot on the top of his head and two more where his sideburns are supposed to be.
- Maybe white men can jump, but they can't conceal their bruises. I'm looking at your arm, Brian Cardinal.
- After three quarters, the Timberwolves are out-scoring the Jazz in the paint, 45-32. I know they're pesky, but COME ON.
- If you saw Boozer and Millsap walking down a scary street at night, who would you be more scared of? I think Millsap.
- If you were a girl, who would you be more attracted to, Boozer or Millsap? Yeah, totally Millsap.
- But, Boozer is the All-star.
- This will make 10 road wins for the Jazz.
- Name the three teams with the longest current winning streaks(coming into today). Jazz, Cavs and Rockets with five. Only the Jazz played tonight, which puts them in the lead on a 6-game roll. Remember when the Rockets won like 22 straight last year. If the Jazz went on a 22-game streak right now, they would be 51-23 by the time they next lost. Huh.


  1. Boone pointed out that when you talk to Jason and Jarron Collins, you can tell that they're brothers.

  2. He said it like being able to distinguish two twins 'if you know how' was a rare thing.