26 February 2009

jazz players that i have seen at the cottonwood mall

- Mike Brown, on a payphone.
- Jay Humphries, buying a corn dog.
- Olden Polynice, hugging an attractive mail carrier.
- Jeff Hornacek, pushing a stroller.
- Darrel Griffith, walking swiftly.
- Shawn Bradley, in the bathroom. I know he's not a Jazz player but seeing a giant standing at a urinal is kind of funny.


  1. My mom shot the breeze with Hornacek at the zoo once. It wasn't in front of the oragutans, though. I think it was by the bears.

  2. I would like to add that I saw Karl Malone at the Smith's in the Avenues once a long time ago. He happened to be walking past the aisle that featured Karl Malone bobble-head dolls.