10 November 2010

Duh, EVERYONE knows Millsap can sink the three

Why not Paul Millsap, why not tonight? -- Matt Harpring

How incredible was Paul Millsap last night against the Miami Heat? Well, can you remember a Jazz player having a game as incredible as that? Here's the thing: as unreal as his one-man comeback show at the end of regulation was, Millsap was great the entire night; his 3-point barrage was just the apex of a stunning performance.

Anyway, Millsap's showing goes down as one of the best in Utah Jazz history. There aren't many that compare. The only performances I can remember in the class with Millsap's were by Karl Malone: his 61-point night against the Milwaukee Bucks in 1990, and when he scored 42 on the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1997 playoffs.

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Other thoughts on last night's Jazz win:

Remember when Chris Webber used to have quiet 20-10s? You'd watch the entire game, then be shocked when the play-by-play announcer would say Webber had 20+ points and 10+ boards. The reason for your jaw-drop was Webber not seeming to impact the game at all. Well, the same felt true about LeBron James' triple-double last night … Speaking of Chris Webber, isn't Paul Millsap's game resembling Webber's more and more? I mean this in a complementary way -- not all of Webber's 20-10s were worthless. … What was the common factor in last night's game and the Jazz-Cavs game in January -- you know, the Sundiata game? The obvious answer is LeBron James, which is correct, but there was another similarity between these two games: Deron Williams had to leave the game early (fouled out last night, injured in Cavs game), and somehow Ronnie Price ran an effective point and helped the Jazz win. … DWILL gets all Nashian (Nashty?) when setting up a hot three-point shooter at the end of the game. Williams will penetrate to the top of the key to draw the defense to him, jump in the air, then contort his body and nicely set up the shooter for a good look. He usually does this with Okur, but last night it was Millsap. … Great work by SLC Dunk in compiling stories from around the country regarding Millsap and the Jazz.

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It looks like Jerry Sloan will be around for at least one more year. Sometimes I wonder if Jeff Van Gundy is just biding his time on those NBA broadcasts, waiting for the Jazz gig to open up. Utah fans and the Jazz organization likes JVG's kind of hoops, and the job would provide a stability unlike he and his brother have experienced in their NBA coaching careers.

In honor of Sloan, here is another song that references the Utah Jazz:

Drake ft. Lil Wayne -- Miss Me

"Young Money's Jerry Sloan, I turn every stone"
(The lyrics before and after this line are a little bit naughty.)

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