30 March 2010

Carlos Boozer's awkward attempt at the hip-hop

What the earth is Boozer saying to the New York Post?

"I love D'Antoni, he's the dope," Boozer said. "Spending time with him in the Olympics, his offensive mindset is unbelievable. He's got the best plays I've ever been around -- on a whim. It's like rappers when they come out on the top of the dome with quotes. He's got plays in the back of his head with plays for that moment."

I'm no square. I listen to a good amount of hip-hop. But I got Boozer's words all twisted. The one thing I do get is that he things D'Antoni has the best offensive plays Boozer has seen, or "been around," as he so uneloquently put it.

1) Really? The best? Like, the best besides the team you are on right now?
2) Really? The best? Like, the best at not having actual plays?
3) Why would anyone want to play for a D'Antoni team without Steve Nash involved? Sure, the high numbers will get you a fatty check, but after a few years, players in this type of system always seem to be called out as a fraud. "Sure, he's getting those numbers, but it's based on the system he is in." Playing for the Suns or Knicks is like playing for Texas Tech's football team (back when Mike Leach was the coach). Nobody respects your performance after awhile. Ask Amare Stoudemire. Even the Suns, his own team, thinks he is a fraud.

Plus, you never win in the playoffs when you are with D'Antoni.

Why does Mr. Boozer talk like this with the New York Post, but not with the local media? Actually, "Mr. Boozer" is New York Times-style, not New York Post-style. I am hereby naming Boozer's Post persona, "Boozah". I understand this nickname is about as original Boozah calling D'Antoni "the dope". That's kind of the point.

I am, however, feeling this quote from the same article:
Boozer walked out the arena yesterday's morning shootaround wearing a Yankees ballcap --
the same fashion statement of James. "I'm a Yankees fan," Boozer said.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/boozer_intrigued_by_possibility_URPzYYgZj0KxHtmrZsmYuM#ixzz0jgPn3c7B

Good job, Mr. Boozer.

I like Jay-Z, but this song is better without him:

The latest Alicia Keys album (The Element of Freedom) is so good, and holds the distinction as the only R&B album I own.

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  1. I had heard about Boozer's comments on the radio, but had not yet heard or read what he said.


    I recently read 07 Seconds or Less, about the Suns' 05-06 season. It was fascinating. D'Antoni would probably be a really fun coach to play for as an NBA player.

    But only for a season or two, so that, like you mentioned, the player keeps some sense of relevance.

    Millsap just scored 5 points in 5 seconds. The Warriors are a great example of what an offensive minded team is like. Luckily for the Jazz, so far tonight their 3-point shooting is ice cold. But a couple weeks ago when the Warriors nearly beat the Lakers, it was a satisfying thing to watch.

    Anyway. Boozer (or Boozah) can say things or not say things. I've decided not to listen to things he says so much, but enjoy his playing and hope he re-signs in the off season.