19 December 2009

You're better than this, Gilbert Arenas

The nerds are mad at you, Agent Zero.

"Arenas is a friend of rapper The Game and was listed in the booklet for The Game's second album The Doctor's Advocate. He collects a synthetic basketball from each team played, as well as players' jerseys, of which he has more than 200, most of which are autographed.[24] Arenas is an avid Halo player—his Gamertag is Agent Arenas—and officially sponsors Team Final Boss, a professional Halo 3 team.[25][26] However, to the chagrin of many gamers, he exploits a glitch in Xbox Live to cheat, artificially boosting his Halo 3 rank through dummy accounts."

The Jazz need to find such a glitch for not being so weak on the road.

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