14 June 2009

Stop trying to make Hansbrough happen, it's not going to happen

Greg Ostertag plays hockey, makes cakes, and seems to want to hoop some more [azcentral.com]

Not only was Greg Ostertag a 28th pick in the draft, the Jazz got rid of a lot of dead weight when they brought him back for one more year.

Boozer was at Game 4 in Orlando. With CeCe. Divorce off, marriage on? [Salt Lake Tribune]

The Fesenko Question is answered -- he's coming back next year [Salt Lake Tribune]

A year ago, I would have wanted this and the Miles signing so bad. Both fellows are loaded with athleticism and talent, but neither seem like they aren't going to get it. With Williams, Okur (hopefully) and Boozer (please please) as the core, the Jazz need players who a) are going to work hard and b) know that they aren't going to be an NBA superstar.
What the Jazz need are hard-working, veteran role players. Players who are playing for championships, not contracts. (I know that is what Boozer's about, but he's too good, and I still have hope that he will change.)

The Jazz haven't given up the dream either (Hansbrough!) [Salt Lake Tribune]

But Siler doesn't quite get it yet.

I know Jazz fans hate white guys, but trust in me, this would work out.

Koufos honors his dad [Salt Lake Tribune]

Utah Jazz all-time draft history [Utah Jazz dot come]

Idiotic opinions about 2009-10 Utah Jazz starting line-up [Jazzbots or something]

How The Utah Jazz Should Spend Their Summer Cash [Bleacher Report]

By some dude who thinks that Boozer, Okur and Korver have already opted out and that Morris Almond is coming back next year.

Jazz Dunk Team auditions [Utah Jazz dot com]
Have you seen these dudes? They do some lame dunks and some awesome dunks. They celebrate like a flamboyant K-Rod after both.

Masha is releasing her English single this month [Salt Lake Tribune]

Not content with owning a store that is proud of providing Ed Hardy garb to Douchebag
Dads or once being the supposed Britney of Russia, MK-47 is trying to be a pop star in this country too. The best part is the article is titled "Stepping Out". The second best part is this accompanying photo:

If only she could hate Utah as much as Mrs. Booze allegedly does and CeCeBoo could like it as much as MK-47 does.

Here's MK-47's hit, "Sugary". I'd feel a lot more honest if I knew how to say 'hit' in Russian:

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