01 May 2009

Jazz's biggest mistake has his big day

Former Jazz draftee Sasha Pavlovic, who did a one-year tour wearing an ugly no. 11 jersy with a mountain range across the front got married in-between the first and second round of the play-offs. He didn't cry.

More than Mo Williams*, and by a lot, Pavlovic is the worst let-go the Jazz have had. Not just because of his shooting, but also because he turned into a physical player who wasn't afraid to start a little fracas or two. (Unfortunately, Youtube doesn't have clips of all the crap he got into with the Nets in the playoffs a few years back).

Then again, he hardly plays for the Cavs anymore. Huh.

*= Mo Williams has turned into a nice player (his All-star selection this year was a joke, though), but not having him made the Jazz notice the necessity of moving up to draft Deron Williams (whose lack of a All-star nomination is an even bigger joke, though he didn't deserve it this year).

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